Citation [Review]

Main Characters


Professor Lucien N’Dyare



The Story

What I loved

  • The picture quality was great; the aesthetic, video hue, the old-school vibes of the university.
  • The dialogue was on point. The film was well paced. Every scene meant something. I enjoyed all two and a half hours of it.
  • I loved the costumes — print heavy, nice African cultural vibes.
  • I love the way the flashbacks were played. The movement through different timelines was very seamless.
  • There was light humor but it wasn’t overdone. They focused on the seriousness of the story.
  • I loved those Geeky British twins, Sam and Cas Okan. They were only in two scenes but they stood out.
  • I liked that Ini Edo didn’t over act in this one. Kudos to the director.

Key lines



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