Everything I loved about the Nollywood film, Lara and the Beat

  1. The casting was clever — Seyi Shay was a fantastic lead, she really embodied the character. You wouldn’t believe it was her first acting role. The pairing of Seyi and Vector in their debut acting roles worked really well. Although Vector wasn’t as great as an actor, the connection he had with Seyi was super cute and sort of made up for his lack of depth. You can say I was a little blinded by their love.
  2. I also have to give a shout out to Chinedu Ikedieze. Although he wasn’t in many scenes, he did really well as Big Chi. I was not disappointed by his character, we often underestimate how good this guy is as an actor.
  3. I appreciated the extra little details — The first time Lara noticed Sal and we saw their eyes lock in the mirror and when we watched Tonye google search the actual cost of a Hermès bag because Lara had sold hers for a mere one million Naira.
  4. The length — It was long but every scene was worth it.
  5. I loved the relationship between the sisters, Lara and Dara. Both characters worked well together. Even though Somkele is a more experienced actress, she didn’t try to over do or outshine the main character, Seyi Shay.
  6. I loved the story. It wasn’t the typical brat to humble story. There was no significant change in her behavior by the end of the movie and you know what? That is absolutely fine!
  • The theatrics when Lara caught her boyfriend with her assistant. I was a little over excited by this scene so I had to rewind a few times 😂.
  • When Beyoncé fell during the bank’s hostile takeover of the Giwa mansion and Lara gave a very dramatic scream. Another hilarious addition.
  • The fight between Lara and Dara at Aunty Patience’ house. This was Seyi’s moment to shine and shine she did. She delivered brilliantly with her speech, facial expressions, body language et al. I was really impressed by her.
  • The rain scene where Lara and Sal kiss so passionately— This was a really nice addition to the film. I’m a hopeless romantic so please give me a kissing in the rain scene anytime.
  • I loved every scene that had me looking at Ademola Adedoyin’s face. Yum!



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Tosin Omowole

Tosin Omowole

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