Social Media Lessons from Nollywood Movie, Your Excellency

Today I’ll be talking about the power of social media in the recently released (on Netflix) Nollywood movie, Your Excellency, starring Funke Akindele, Akin Lewis, Deyemi Okanlawon, Oreka Godis, Shaffy Bello, Toni Tones and Eku Edewor, amongst others. This movie is about a failed politician who uses the power of social media to boost his upcoming presidential campaign. This is Funke Akindele’s directorial debut and she did a really good job.

Below, I have outlined 6 quick social media lessons from the movie.

  1. News travels fast, especially bad news! This is seen throughout the movie where almost everything that happened was documented and posted on social media for public scrutiny. From Ajadi falling off in public and being labelled as a drunk to a video of him expressing his desire to make the country great, which eventually led to his success at the presidential election. Social media can be used to sway public opinion in a positive and negative way.
  2. In any industry, you can use social media to your advantage. We see that clearly through three different individuals — a blogger, a music artist (+ his wife) and a politician. They use social media as a tool for success in different ways.
  3. Be yourself. Be spontaneous. This is how you win. Ajadi was unapologetically himself. He showed the people his personality through social media. People want a like-able and approachable leader, over a “qualified” one on paper. He was a local man who loved music and dancing. He used this to his advantage and made this a part of his political campaign to lure the people to his side. They even used social media to make the “Ajadi dance” into a national phenomenon.
  4. More followers = more votes. As Ajadi’s followers grew online due to his approachable personality, his popularity as a presidential candidate also grew.
  5. The movie shows the extent that people will go to for social media fame. In the first few scenes we see Stephanie, played by Toni Tones, paying someone to take pictures of her on a private jet. Meanwhile, on social media she tells people that her rich boyfriend flew her to South Africa in a private jet. As a popular blogger, she has a fake social media image to uphold. We see the same for Candy and Kachi who have a “staged” reality show and must constantly remain on the trending topics list by any means necessary, even if they have to hire a sexy female cousin to disrupt things.
  6. It also shows us the reason why many famous people do not grant interviews — journalists will always twist your stories. We see this when Kemi Ajadi defends her husband during a broadcast interview, saying he could never be drunk even if he drinks what people consider to be too much alcohol. She becomes a meme and is made into many gifs 😂.

Social media is a really powerful tool and can work for both individuals and businesses if applied correctly.

I actually enjoyed the movie. It wasn’t really what I expected. I thought it was about family squabbles due to polygamy [based on the trailer] but it really was about how different individuals used social media for their benefit. It starts off quite slow but it picks up and ends on a positive note. It’s a real, feel good movie. I’ll give it a 7/10.




Here goes my journey to becoming an African storyteller…Nollywood, Tech, Relationships, etc

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Tosin Omowole

Tosin Omowole

Here goes my journey to becoming an African storyteller…Nollywood, Tech, Relationships, etc

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