The different personalities from “Young, Famous and African”

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The show, Young, Famous and African, shook the internet when it was released on Netflix recently. I’m not a huge fan of reality TV so when I saw the trailer, it was not one I added to my watchlist. However the peer pressure was really strong on this one so I thought I’d give it a go. I did not regret it.

#YFA is the definition of great content. It was full of drama and had the full ingredients needed to make an interesting reality show. Hats off to Peace Hyde and her team on this one.

The main aim of the show was to show off different personalities from across Africa, and of course, make them fight with each other, because what’s a reality show without fighting? In this piece, I’ll share a short profile on each of the characters in the show and how I feel they portrayed themselves.

Annie Idibia

Annie was the real star of the show. In fact, let’s just rename the show, the Annie show.

Here’s what we know about Annie from the show — she is obsessed with her husband 2face, she loves him to death and no matter how many times he cheats or gets more women pregnant, she will still accept him. She’ll never leave the marriage even if it makes her sad and unhappy.

Here’s what I think Annie needs — to find her identity! She has no idea who the real Annie is outside of 2face. She needs to leave the kids in Lagos, and enrol in New York Film Academy for two years to sharpen her acting skills and learn more about filmmaking [all while getting therapy].

I hope that this show brings her a lot more opportunities. She needs to be busy!


Zari is a gorgeous Ugandan beauty living in South Africa with 5 children from two baby daddies. 2 of her kids belong to Diamond Platnumz.

Zari is a bitter woman who tries to cover her sadness in faux confidence. She’s the kind of person that tries to make people feel small so she can be uplifted — typical bully behaviour.

She tried to pick on Annie but Annie wasn’t having it and I’m really glad the others noticed this and called her out on it.

Diamond Platnumz

Diamond was full of good vibes. He doesn’t look like someone who gets upset over anything.

Diamond doesn’t want to leave the player lifestyle because he doesn’t believe he can stick to just one woman. Zari is the love of his life who he lost because he cheated on her.


I really liked Andile. He’s calm and he looks great.

His interest in Zari however, I think is a quest for him. He seems like someone who was bullied when he was younger so now everything is a quest to him. If people say or think he can’t have something, then he’ll go out of his way to get it. On paper, Zari is out of his league but he warms his way into her heart.


After Annie, Khanyi was my favourite girl. She was the most self aware individual on the show. She knew when she was wrong, she knew when to apologise, when to mediate and when to cause drama. Khanyi is gold. Annie needs a friend like Khanyi!

Naked and Kayleigh

Naked is a very entitled and disrespectful man. He had no regard for his friend and even his girlfriend who he shared a bed with and claimed to love. I think him and Kayleigh had no business being in a relationship. It was clearly a relationship of convenience and there was no love there at all.

Swanky Jerry

Swankyyyyyyyy oh Swanky Jerry. I’ve known about Swanky and his work for a long time but I never really cared for his personality. He’s a zen guy — cool calm collected. Mr mediator and Mr fashion killer. Oh my days, the pieces he wore were over the top but they made the statements that needed to be made — I loved every number. I want to see more of Swanky.


Nadia was just there to live her best life to be honest lol!

Have you seen #YFA on Netflix? What are your thoughts? Who’s your fave?



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